RVW Consulting undertake the civil engineering design of all new projects using 3D design software to allow drainage, earthworks and external works to be fully coordinated and designed as efficiently as possible in line with our clients sustainable design aspirations.

RVW Consulting have extensive experience of delivering a wide range of projects throughout the country, and our particular expertise covers the following elements;

  • The design of drainage systems to serve new or refurbished developments whilst incorporating sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS).

  • Advising upon and developing strategic drainage solutions for a wide range of developments, including the delivery of S104 and S185 Agreement designs.

  • The design, upgrading and re-alignment of existing roads for new developments as part of S278 and S111 Agreements.

  • The design of new roads for permitted developments as part of S38 Agreements.

  • The design of external works and site infrastructure using 3D computer modelling software to determine the cut and fill balance and minimise costs.

  • Assisting with securing BREEAM, CFSH and other sustainable legislation credits. 

  • Securing discharge consents, environmental permits, flood defence consents and marine licences. 

  • The production of flood consequence and flood risk assessments.