RVW Consulting’s culture is built on integrity, trust and respect and we place a high value on the partnerships we have formed with clients and fellow professionals. Through integrated teamwork and by harmonising our skills we are able to give the best possible advice to our customers and to deliver greater value. Our commitment is to understand clients’ needs in terms of objectives, quality, value, budget and timescales using economic and practical solutions.

RVW Consulting have undertaken a broad range of projects that are either in a new sector for RVW or “one-off” projects. New sectors include the custodial sector where we have completed a number of custody centres and heritage where we have recently been involved with restoration of Ancient Monuments. In addition “one-off” projects include the design of helipads to accommodate sea rescue helicopters and bespoke vetinary surgeries. These projects demonstrate our ability to diversify and innovate whilst stretching boundaries of engineering.