This project has won the Constructing Excellence in Wales 2010 award for low/zero carbon.

This is an ambitious development of new sustainable and affordable housing in apartments and individual houses. The accommodation will achieve Code five rating in line with the 'Code for Sustainable Homes' and will be one of the first UK schemes to achieve this standard.

To achieve this high standard, bespoke design techniques have been used to ensure that the accommodation utilises high quality insulation to minimise heating costs.

The complex drainage system separates various water types into different categories and deals with them accordingly to allow both rainwater and greywater harvesting techniques to be used to minimise water usage.


  • Code five Level rating to 'Code for Sustainable Homes'.
  • Rainwater harvesting system incorporated to recycle all rainwater.
  • Grey water recycling to treat and reuse water for flushing toilets.
  • Very high levels of insulation dictate the type of cladding material used.
  • £5 per week average energy costs to residents.


Project Client

Fairlake Properties


Powell Dobson Architects

Project Value