This project in Merthyr Tydfil is the first of a new generation of energy efficient schools where the reduction of carbon emissions and promotion of sustainable development are key considerations.

The single-storey school incorporates passive stack ventilation, ground source heat pumps, solar panels and rainwater harvesting and the school has been designed to achieve a BREEAM rating of "Excellent".

The building foundations are designed to accommodate the presence of historical mine works.

SuDS techniques are used to dispose of surface water generated by the site. This is achieved using an attenuation tank and hydrobrake arrangement to ensure that the run-off is limited to a greenfield rate.


  • Timber framed school building.
  • Attenuation of surface water discharge by using underground tanks and a flow limiting hydrobrake.
  • Rainwater is captured, stored and re-used in the school.
  • Foundations had to cope with historic mine works on the site.


Project Client

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council


Powell Dobson Architect

Project Value


Completion Date

June 2010