The ATRiuM 2B is an extension to Cardiff's iconic student facility which will provide students with an increased range of specialist creative studios for design and fashion courses, dance, drama and rehearsal spaces and substantial photographic studios and labs.

This extension was built over a basement and connected to the existing structure at each floor level. The original structure was a reinforced concrete. However to reduce differential settlements the extension was designed using steel frame to reduce the overall weight and hence the risk for differential settlement. As a further precaution a piled solution was adopted as this transmitted the loads directly to the underlying bedrock which has a low potential for both total and differential settlement. An in-situ concrete composite floor system was used, as this allowed a non-rectilinear footprint to be formed and hence maximise the site's potential.

The below ground drainage solution was complicated by the high level of existing services and the requirement for a surface water soakaway device. Detailed designing and modelling of the foundations and the drainage proposals reduced clashes and site delays.

Project Client



Boyes Rees

Project Value


Completion Date

Due August 2016